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The holidays are over. Thank god. And, it never ceases to amaze me at how short the time is that it takes to send us financially out of control…like a kamikaze spender blasting through all sense of logic and reason in order accommodate our innate holiday induced guilt regarding buying for our loved ones.

Seriously. It’s almost the same as eating all the crap that everyone makes for the occasion and then taking the next six months to dump it from the waistband. Counterproductive to say the least. And, what’s really sad is that the holidays are always assumed to make us feel better in some way. I can’t explain it.

I guess what really gets me though is the sort of lackluster existence that trails from the holidays. The sudden calm that falls over the household after everyone is back at school and work, with routine actually working its way to the forefront. Even the teaching schedule is in play, with students in lock-step in an automatic cadence. Now, for me, this is very comforting especially considering second semester. I just want it to go smooth. I just want it to plug along. I just want it to eventually end.